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You may have come looking for one of my books or maybe to find out a bit more about me. You may also like to look at the photos I've added which refer to some of the events and places mentioned in the books.

Whatever brought you here, I hope you enjoy looking through the site.



Windmills and Tulips

My Dutch Diary



While reading the book I found myself laughing especially on the adult shop entry… But over all this is a beautifully written diary that takes the reader on a journey through the year… This feels special because it does feel like you’ve just stolen someone's diary and are looking through their eyes…


Started reading and just could not put it down till I finished it. A story of a 'typical' British family moving to The Netherlands and all the problems and funny things that have happened since being there....Definitely worth a read

Having lived in The Netherlands myself for many yearrs .I recognised quite a few of the situations Deborah and her family found themselves in

Katrina Hart

My Dutch Diary

jan 2016


Windmills and Tulips

march 2014




Windmills and Tulips

oct 2014

In The Press


Deborah grew up in South London. She was the eldest of four children and always loved writing. She remembers the first time she won a prize. It was when she was just 8 years old and it was for an essay about one of her heroes, Marie Curie.


In 1990 Deborah moved to The Netherlands with her husband, her three children and the family dog. Deborah says although she had the idea for the book  looking after three children and coping with life in a foreign country meant she didn’t have time to write, but when her employer went bust she took the opportunity and used that time to write her first book.


In Windmills and Tulips she tells the story of the move and the ups and downs of the family as they settled in to life in their new home.


In her second book "My Dutch Diary" Deborah combines her own quirky look at life with some typical Dutch recipes for her readers to try. Among her hobbies she lists photography and cooking. Deborah has managed to incorporate both of these into her books by using all her own photos for the covers and by trying and testing all the recipes in her second book herself.



News and Events


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