News and Events

Jan 2014

Publication of Windmills and Tulips.


Dec 2015

Publication of My Dutch Diary.



Currently working on a new book,  working title 'with a dog by my side'.


Feb 2016

Interview by fellow author Katrina M Hart.



Feb 2016

As from now kindle readers can also ask for a virtual autograph via.;


March 2016
This month Im giving away a copy of my latest book My Dutch Diary.


For information go to my facebook page;

December 2016

The books are coming along slowly I have several short stories completed and my dog book is progressing but the loss of Benny made writing too emotional for a while. Meanwhile I've uploaded another blog entry and want to take the chance to thank everyone who has supported me this year. Positive blog or FB comments and  book purchases it's all very encouraging and I want to thank you all for your continued support.