• Deborah Allen

One positive thing.

These days I find that there is so much hate and misery around and its really sad.

People are moaning just for the sake of it and interfering in things that have nothing to do with them and things that they cannot, or worse still have no intention of trying to change. It seems we are bombarded by social media encouraging us to moan and see the negative side of the world around us. Bad news makes the headlines and the newspapers every day while any good news is confined to tiny snippets that are buried deep in the middle sections that no one reads.

Its depressing, and negative people soon find out that they only attract other negative people creating a vicious circle of negativity and hateful moaning. So this is my aim and I would love it if my readers would join me.

I’m not asking you to stop moaning I’m just asking that you try to find one positive thing each day and enjoy it. I don’t care what it is, a thought or an action, something you see or do. Then if possible share it, tell others, take a photo or write a post about it but spread some positive energy instead of only spreading the negative. Take an active role in being positive.

There is a saying about seeing things through a child’s eyes and taking joy in the simple things around you, well at the moment we are seeing things through a puppy’s eyes and that is very positive.

Murphy is now 7 months old and we are enjoying seeing things with his fresh young eyes

We take him on the same walks we used to do with Benny but these days we see them as a pup, at breakneck speed but with wonderment. Benny plodded through the woods picking his way carefully along the path and we made sure there were no twigs or branches for him to get poked by or holes to stumble into. Murphy runs around and we now see layers of the woods we haven’t seen before, the fallen tree trunks that are home to fungi and small birds are fences for Murphy to leap over, the streams and ponds that Benny was so careful to avoid, now places for Murphy to investigate and paddle in.

We have been to the beach and delighted in him chasing the waves, racing up and down on the sand and barking at a buoy which was something he had never seen before.

Where I carried Oscar up and down the stairs with sadness because his legs could no longer manage the task I carry Murphy with joy because I know he is too young to manage the stairs yet and he has time to master them. Showing that there is even a positive to be found in lifting an increasingly large dog up and down stairs!

This morning was another chance to view things with a negative or positive outlook, the alarm went at 6,30am and after a quick cup of tea we set off, now I could tell you that it was cold, I could say I was still exhausted from my busy day yesterday and that the ground was so boggy that I vanished up to my ankles in mud. All very negative thoughts.

Instead I will tell you that we saw the sunrise and watched the sky turn pink and then pale blue as the glow of the sun rose above the horizon, we saw an egret fishing in the canal, there was a slight frost last night and we felt the grass crunching under our boots as we walked around like royalty with the common all to ourselves. We rinsed our boots off in the clear water of the pond and watched as the geese flew overhead and vanished into the pale blue sky.

It was a fantastic way to start the day and that’s my positive thought for today, if nothing else good happens that’s the thing I can hold onto and cherish from this day.

Just try being positive, you never know you might even enjoy it!

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