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From Murphy to you...

Something a little different this month, a letter from Murphy...

Hello …I am Murphy and I am special.


Because I am a dog who is lucky enough to live with two humans who love me.

I know I am loved. Every day my humans and I go in the box on wheels and it takes us to places with trees and grass, so I can run and dig and play and on sunny days I get to swim and splash in my own little pond. Sometimes my human dad does try to join in, but he can’t splash like me and soon gets out again.

The humans built me a soft bed, but they don’t seem to mind that I prefer to rest on something called a chesterfield and at night I help them by making their bed nice and cosy for them before they get in ...

When I was very tiny and barely able to walk a lady snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear. ‘you and I are going to have great adventures together’

A few weeks later when I had fully gained my land legs and was old enough to leave my mum my adventures started.

Since that day I have travelled and had many adventures. I have played in forests and meadows, I’ve swum in lakes and pools. I’ve run on the cool sand of the beach and tasted the salty water of the sea. I have explored lots of new places, sometimes with the sun shining on my back and sometimes with the snow crunching under my paws but always with the safety of my family close by.

My humans hug me and kiss me and tell me they love me, even on the days when I dig for moles or raid the treasure box in the kitchen where they put food they don’t eat. For some reason this is something they say is ‘bad’ but if they aren’t eating it I don’t see why it should go to waste, all those cheese rinds and bits of potato smell great to me...

It’s not because I’m hungry, my humans always have food for me, but treasure box food is so exciting! The fact is I’ve never known what it is to be hungry, except on the day when they took me to see Mr white coat and he made me sleep and did something to my manly bits but the very next day I got a special breakfast for ‘being a brave boy’ so that was ok.

There is even a special hiding place under the wooden hill that leads to ‘go to bed’ and sometimes when its door opens I get a big bone to chew on or a sweet that tastes of bacon. I like that special place and sometimes I put my nose to the door and take a big sniff of bone and bacon sweetie that I know is waiting for me.

I sleep when I’m tired and I play when I wake, I am hugged and cuddled and told I am loved.

I have shared my adventures with all of you through photos and stories and I hope that you have enjoyed them.

But it makes me sad to know that not all dogs are loved as I am . Some dogs don’t have any humans to love or a soft bed or food to fill their tummy and some dogs have lost their humans or had to move away from them.

In exactly one month on 22 July I will be two years old and I have never known a day without love. For my entire 730 days on this earth I will have been told I am loved and I think every dog should have that, every dog should be loved, every dog should know that they matter.

So, I don’t want presents or treats for my birthday instead I want to let other dogs know that they are loved, I want them to have a human to hug them and a special person to call their own. I want them to have a place to call home and a soft bed to sleep in (it doesn’t have to be a chesterfield).

It doesn’t matter if they are not cute (like me)

or stunningly good looking (like me)

or talented (like me)

Because every dog matters, they all deserve to be loved.

But to do that I need your help, I need you to show your love and donate to my birthday cause. Please help me to help the other dogs.

Just give, even if it’s just a little please, because …. Every dog matters.

An update on this post to say thankyou to everyone who donated to Murphy's fundraiser, together we made our target and were able to help other dogs who need their forever home..

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